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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Back in Order

Back to school means getting my life back in order!  I have been so off all summer.  I love the freedom that summer brings and I love going and doing fun things with my family but I feel like I have really slacked on my meal planning and exercising and housekeeping and well really just adulting/momming the last couple of months.  So now that we are back to a normal routine, I am so glad to get back on track with all that.  I am a huge planner and just having a consistent plan and routine helps me to really feel like I’ve got my act together.  I have gathered together a few really great resources to help get everything organized….

1 - First of all, I LOVE my Day Designer planner.  I got it from Target for like $10 and it's perfect for my everyday needs.  I love that has lots of room but is not too bulky or heavy.  I also love that I can see monthly and weekly calendars with plenty of room to write and it has lots of extra places for lists and notes all throughout.


2 - I am jumping on board the LiveWhole365 train and printed off a few of their planning materials.  I really love the grocery list and weekly meal planner.  I track most of this in my regular planner as well but it is nice to have separate sheets to pull out when I need them.

3 - I am really loving get back to eating right.  My body really hates me when I eat a bunch of crap and I just feel so much better.  Planning ahead and tracking what I eat helps me so much to only look better, but feel so much better too! I have also been using MyRecipes a good bit for finding recipes.  You can search by ingredient or type and it has soooo many recipes to choose from.  All you have to do is sign up for a free account and you can start making your own little digital cookbook.

4 - There are about a billion budgeting tools out there but lately I have been using EveryDollar for my budget planning/tracking.  We are trying super hard to get completely out of debt and really build up some savings for some special vacations and fun stuff we have on our radar so sticking to a budget is key for us right now (more on all that to come later).  I really love EveryDollar because I can access it from both my phone and computer and Jarrod and I can share an account so we can both update and see it wherever we are.  It has a really neat and easy to use layout and some extra tools built in without be overwhelming.  I use the free version but they offer a ‘Plus’ version that you can even link to your bank account and such.  You can sign up here for free here!

5 - A few months ago, I signed up to go to Washington D.C. in October to run the Army 10 Miler and that is approaching very very quickly.  Like I said before, I have been extremely inconsistent with my running and exercising this summer so it is time to really get my butt in gear if I plan to run it without completely dying!  There are so many running plans out there but I am following this one from Shape.  It is really for a half marathon plan but it should get me to the 10 mile point by the time I need to be.  I followed one very similar to this when I completed the Bridgestreet Half last fall so it should be pretty doable for me.  I don’t really follow the run/walk part of it but I like the schedule.  As much as I would love to do more, realistically, I don't usually get more than about three days each week to get a run in... especially long ones.. so this plan works well for me.    

6 - And last but certainly not least… Google Docs!  I am not sure how I have completely ignored this amazing resource in the past because it has seriously become my lifeline!  Instead of toting around a billion papers and notebooks all the time or email stuff back and forth to myself, I can just upload it all here and access it from anywhere that I am.  I mean I can get it on my phone, my home, my work, everywhere.  And it is super easy to use and work with my documents on all of my devices.  This is where I keep all of my long term lists, plans, ideas, posts, spreadsheets, etc. and it is seriously the best.  If you are not using Google Docs, you need to start right now!    

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