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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Wardrobe Wednesday - Football Favorites

am linking up with Kristin over at Taz and Belly for Wardrobe Wednesday today because she is talking about football season wardrobes!  And considering my Saturday wardrobe of Crimson and White looks a lot like hers, I figured why not!

Every year, on the Sunday before college football kicks off, our pastor always encourages the whole church to sport their favorite team colors for that day.  This is one of my favorite Sundays and it is always so much fun to see all the colors in the crowd (mostly crimson, orange, and blue).  Only in Alabama, do you get to shout Roll Tide to kick off your church service, right? My state love tshirt from RiffRaff is by far my favorite!

I always have a lot of fun coordinating our family in our best Bama get up!  Typically, it just consists of prowling through our closets for our best crimson and white!  I looooove football Saturday's! We usually grill out with friends while the kids run and play. We haven't been able to go to Tuscaloosa for a game in a few years but hope to get to one very soon!

I love looking back at these pictures in some of our favorite Bama gear over the past years and look forward to adding many more this year! Roll Tide!

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