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Friday, August 5, 2016

School Orientation

Yes I'm sorry I know it seems like every single one of my latest posts are about school but well that's kind of a big deal at our house right now.

Last night, both girls had orientation at their new schools. Hadley is going to Julian Newman and found out she has Mrs. Howell. We are soooo excited to be in her class. She has been teaching Kindergarten for over 36 years and I hear she is the best Kindergarten teacher there ever was! Hadley was also really excited to see all her little friends that will be at her school this year. She was mad though that she had to leave her supplies at school. Poor thing is so excited about her big backpack that she wants to just fill it up and wag it around everyday. 

I honestly was a little overwhelmed with everything there is to know about being a kindergarten mom but I know we will get the hang of it soon. I am so excited about everything Hadley will be learning this year and looking forward to watching her grow and learn so many great things.

Hunter Claire will be in Mrs. Tiffany's 3's at Little Tots a couple of days a week.  She loved her bright yellow classroom and was already checking out all the toys she could dump out. Not to mention the real life turtle in her classroom that she thought was so cool. We have loved our last two years at Little Tots with Hadley and am so looking forward to a couple of more. I am anxious to see how HC does at school. Her little personality is just sooo different than Hadley's so I never know what to expect with her but I'm sure she will do great this year!

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