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Sunday, June 28, 2015

What I Read -- Redeeming Love

I've been slacking on my last few book reviews. I honestly wasn't real impressed so just didn't think they were worth the review. I had really been getting bored with my summer read until this last read. I had seen a ton of recommendations for Redeeming Love by Francene Rivers so I picked it up at Barnes and Noble a couple of weeks ago and it was not at all what I expected! But it was a GREAT read!

I love Christian Fiction books. In fact, I would probably say that is my favorite genre. Redeeming Love is about a strong  Christian man who rescues and falls in love with a girl who grew up in prostituiton. The story leads you through their marriage as they struggle with their rocky pasts all while seeing Gods work in their life as a couple.  

The book is filled what some wonderful characters but just warning you that at times, their actions will completely frustrate you! Overall, if was a wonderful read with a powerful message and I would definitely recommend it to everyone... Especially someone who may struggling in their faith. It always amazes me what a strong impact a fictional story can have on my life!

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