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Monday, June 1, 2015


I really enjoy reading "minimalist" blogs.  It is so inspiring to me to watch them declutter and throw out all of the stuff and realize how little we actually need to be happy and successful. 

My house is so full of stuff and it drives me nuts.  My kids have been blessed with so many awesome and wonderful friends and family and have more clothes and toys than they will ever need.  I swear half the stuff in my house, we don't even know is there.  It's sad really. 

So this summer, I am committing to becoming more minimalist in my life.  Although I honestly doubt that I will go to the extreme that some have, I am really going to try to get rid of some of the stuff and focus more on experiences for my family instead of things. 

I believe this will not only help my stress level, but also my overall happiness and contentment... and the bank account!!

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