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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Testimony Tuesday

I have really been studying lately on sharing my faith.  It seems like it is so easy to say that we are a Christian and a follower of Christ but what are we really doing to make a difference in His Kingdom?  I am actually a little embarrassed at how much I have struggled with sharing my faith and have felt God tugging on my heart to do more.  After much thought and prayer, it finally dawned on me!  I can use my blog to reach people through testimony.  It doesn't take a famous person or a good speaker or a good book author to be able to share their story.  All it takes is a little faith from someone who has been changed and redeemed by God's wonderful love for us.

Starting next week, I will be starting a new series I am calling "Testimony Tuesday" where I will be linking up with some of my friends and family to share their testimonies as well as mine.  These strong, beautiful, God-fearing Christian women have touched my life with their faithfulness and desire to serve the Lord and I am so excited to share that on my blog!

I have always been so inspired by people's testimonies and I believe this is one small way that I can reach others and spread God's love.  I believe that a person's testimony can be the most impactful thing they can share with someone.  I know personally, I have been so inspired by others and I hope to do that with someone else.  I am not even sure if anyone really reads my blog but if by sharing testimonies can reach just one person, I believe it is a true success!


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