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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Summer Capsule

It's that time of year again! Time to clean out the closet and replace with a new capsule for the season! But really though, how is it already half way through June?!?!?! My summer capsule was pretty easy for me to put together. I tried to pick items that can be very versatile between work and play considering the longer summer days allow for more play time and we have some fun vacations scheduled! I am recycling several pieces from spring as well as digging several out from storage so I ended up only buying a few pieces to complete my summer closet. I completed my whole capsule for well under my budget! I didn't count my bathing suits and beach wear or my tshirts and gym type shorts but they do tend to make an appearance pretty often in the summer time.

Once again, I am not huge on shoes and accessories. I tend to really research my shoes before buying them until I find the perfect pair so my shoes are very strategically picked. Then, I tend to wear them until there is absolutely no life left in them so needless to say most of the shoes in my closet are pretty worn but I am really in love with them all so I don't really include them in my capsule! Because honestly, after the thought and love I put into finding the perfect shoes, I am NOT throwing them out! I did add one fun pair this season though! On that same note, I don't wear or own much jewelry. I always wear my watch and maybe a simple dainty necklace. I have super sensitive skin and can only wear real platinum earrings and only for a short time before my ears feel like they are on fire so I don't even look at earrings anymore! I only own one black statement necklace but I feel like I may be over wearing it so I plan to purchase another statement necklace to help to add to my looks. Besides those, accessories will be very minimal. I think summer scarves are adorable but personally they tend to smother me so I don't have any of those counted in either! 

And yes, I understand that I am no fashion blogger or trend-setter and my style is pretty basic and simple but that is just who I am. I try to invest in pieces that are budget friendly and fit my style and needs. I enjoy sharing my capsule wardrobes on my blog because they are fun to put together and helpful to me and maybe even a little bit inspiring to someone else! So debuting a few key staples of my capsule....
1- I am so stinking excited about this chambray blazer from Loft. I snagged up one of the very last few they had left and couldn't be happier with it! Seriously the most versatile piece I own. I love that it is a little more unique and can be dressier than a typical denim jacket but can also be a little more casual as well. Plus it was 70% off when I bought it!
2 - I love Target's basic tees. I have this one in pink and white for the summer. 
3 - This picture doesn't do this plaid tunic from Target justice on the cute colors! I love the bright colors and the soft material even though Hadley told me it looked like a boy! I am a little disappointed that it doesn't button all the way down though. I would really love it if it was true button up shirt so I could wear it a few more ways. 
4 - This fun light-weight printed tank is super cool and comfortable. I love the colors in this one and have tons of ideas for different ways to style it. Target has a ton of super cute ones! 
 5 - I saw this top in pink at Gap for almost $40 but really loved the blue when I found it for a lot less at Target! 
 6 - This tshirt is a little change from my usual but I thought it was cute and could be really versatile so I snatched it off the clearance rack at Target (Target, Target, Target... do we see a trend here? Sorry, I just can't help how bad it sucks me in! I swear they have some type of poison in their store that just does something to me). 
 7 - I bought a similar tank to this from Belk back in the early spring and I see me wearing it even more this summer. 
 8 - I got this mint cardigan late last summer and have literally worn it every season. 
 9 - My Madison red cropped pants came from Belk a couple of years ago and are still one of my closet favorites. 
 10 - My Loft relaxed crops are super comfortable and I wear them all the time! Seriously, at least twice a week. 
 11 - I am so glad that these soft chambray shorts are so in style now because they are wonderful... especially the elastic waist band! I've had mine for years but I think they came from NY&Co. 
12 - I had a really hard time finding some white pants that weren't too fitted or too sheer but these white Lucky Brand Jeans I found finally were the perfect find. (Marshall's- $34)
13- My Nine West Julisa pumps from last year are still hanging around the closet. They are my most favorite shoe ever and I ALWAYS get compliments on them when I wear them. I pray they last forever! 
 14 - I wanted some comfortable sandals that didn't feel like walking on cardboard so I splurged for these Born sandals as a gift to myself for my birthday a couple of months ago. I have super high arches so need a little extra support in my flats. 
 15 - I wish I could find these Nine West pumps I bought way back in every color. They are the perfect mid-heel peep toe!
16 - I may have mentioned how much I love mint... so what is better than a converse in that color! I found these knock offs at Target. 

 Everything else in my closet is recycled from seasons past... most still hanging out from the spring capsule. My closet is so colorful and organized now with only about 35 pieces plus some shoes (I still haven't mastered getting it all down to 33) and I am so looking forward to the next few months with these fun items to mix and match

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