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Monday, June 8, 2015

Girl Mom

When I first found out I was pregnant, the first thought in my mind was "Oh I hope it's a boy!"  I had this vision of the perfect one boy, one girl family.  Big brother first.  Then little sister would come in a few years so big brother could always look out for her.  

But.... we went for our 20 week ultrasound and the tech excitedly said "It's a girl!"  Of course my mom and sister started crying tears of joy.  My sister couldn't wait to buy pink monogram and big hair bows!  I was excited to but a little piece of me was thinking "Oh no what am I going to do with a girl?  I won't know how to fix her hair!"  So we busily began buying smocked dresses and froo-froo bubbles, pink shoes, and floral bedding.  And a few months later when she arrived, I couldn't wait to wrap her up in her pink hair blanket! 

Two years later, we found out we were pregnant again... with another girl!  Hadley was so excited for a little sister but a small part of me filled with a bit of disappointment.  It didn't take me long though to quickly fall in love with the idea of two little girls... sisters.. built in best friends!  The memories of having a sister growing up filled my mind and I started buying matching dresses and frilly bathing suits and dreaming of play dates and family vacations filled with princesses and baby dolls!

Somewhere over the course of time, I fell in love with being a girl mom and jumped in head first with both feet!  I've learned that the perfect family consists of love and fun and happiness.  I love days filled with Barbie dolls and dress up and look forward to days full of shopping trips and makeup. 

In my few years of being a girl mom, I've learned to fix ponytails, French braids, and ballerina buns.  I have conquered recitals and tea parties and cheer camp.  I know every single word to Frozen and can sing every Taylor Swift song out there.  And I wouldn't have it any other way!   


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