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Friday, August 22, 2014


I feel like my days have gotten so busy lately and I have been in an "I don't want to do anything productive" mood.  I feel like my house is a mess and the laundry is backed up.  Our meals have been blah and my grocery shopping has been scarce.  Hadley has pretty much cut out her afternoon nap so bed time seems to be getting earlier.  She has been asleep by about 8:30 every night which is really nice except for that good hour I have to get everything done after the kids fall asleep has pretty much turned into me being like I am just going to bed early myself! 
Anyways... I have been reading about a lot about closet capsules and project 333  lately so I am hoping to clean out and get my closet organized for the next season this weekend.  I have done really good this summer with my 30 in 30 (which was more like 45 or so but whose counting) and am excited about trying to do this simple wardrobe for fall as well!  Fall can be kinda tricky though because of our hot weather stretching well into September and sometimes even on into October!  It's hard to pull off your super cute boots in 85 degree weather!  I am thinking I am going to try and step the accessorizing as well!  Luckily I am not a huge shoe girl so I can save a few pieces on that and spend on an additional top.  And I am also somewhat shying away from dresses so much... I will probably bring more of those back in the winter months when I can wear them with my leggings!  Guess we will see how this goes! I may even try it with the girls' closet because geez they have way too much!

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