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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

My bed is full but my heart is fuller...

Every few nights I tend to wake up with some little body part in my face or neck or back.  Both of my girls have always been pretty good sleepers until a few months ago.  Hunter Claire decided she no longer liked her crib and was waking up several times in the night and screamed when I would try to put her back in her crib.  I have never been a fan of the "cry it out method," in fact, I absolutely hate to hear my kids cry and would never be able to sleep with a crying baby in the next room.  So every time she cried, I got her out and walked or rocked or laid her down in the bed with me **OOPS**  Well HC decided she loves the big bed and then absolutely refused to go back to her crib.  So... we got her a twin bed and she sleeps sooo much better in it!  However, she has learned that she can get out of her bed by herself and come crawl into my bed.  Hadley has already mastered the houdini sneak in the bed trick (you know the one where she very quitely sneaks into our bed without waking anyone up because she learned that if she wakes me up and gives me a half heart attack from being awaken with a face staring very closely to me that I will make her go back to her bed).  Sometimes if I find them in my bed, I will pick them up and gently put them back in their beds but sometimes I just let them stay! 

Anyways... all that is to say that some nights I wake up with a VERY full bed!  But I love those nights because I know that one day they will no longer want to sneak into the "big bed" and snuggle with mommy and daddy.  It makes me so sad to think that one day, there will be a last time that they sneak into my bed and scoot real close.  And I am so sad that that day will come all too soon!  I love the mornings when I have to sneak around in the dark because they are sleeping so soundly in my bed.  My heart is so full of love for these two little sleeping beauties and I love the fact that they find comfort in being close to mom and dad at night.  It may sound crazy, but I wouldn't trade a minute of sleep for these precious moments that go by way too fast.... I can catch up on my sleep when they are grown (tear tear).   

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