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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Preschool, Here She Comes!

Today was a huge milestone in Hadley's little life... the first day of preschool at Little Tots! I cannot believe my baby is old enough to be starting preschool.  We have been really talking up preschool a lot over the last several weeks hoping to get her excited about it.  We went Monday night to orientation to meet her teacher and get some paperwork.  They also sent home a little paper doll to decorate like her to bring on the first day so we did that last night as we got everything together for the big day! She was so excited about packing her new backpack (even though she already complained about homework making her arm hurt.. Let's pray she never gets in trouble and has to write sentences).

I took off this morning so I could take her on her first day and make sure we got all the important first day of school pictures (you know the one with the chalkboard and backpack like all the other moms have been posting of their kids). 

When I got there to drop her off, she said "I think I am kinda nervous" and started wiping her eyes like she does when she is trying not to cry so I was thinking oh no!  I quickly reminded her that it would be okay and she would have lots of fun and get to play!  After a few minutes in her new classroom with her sweet teacher, she was okay and I left and went and sat in my car and cried! 

I never thought I would be one of those moms that cries on every first day of school or special event in my children's lives.... but I am!  It just makes me so sad to think of how fast these precious days are going by and I feel like I am missing out on so much with my girls!  But I am so thankful for every precious memory with my babies and excited about of all the many firsts that are yet to come!  I pray that she has a great day and am sure I will worry about her every minute today while she is there!

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