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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Fun Fun!!

We have had such a fun weekend! Jarrod's sister works for TVA and every year they have a huge weekend long company picnic full of lots of fun events.

Friday night they rented out a bowling alley and arcade place for everyone so we went there and had so much fun acting like we were 12 playing skee ball, race cars, and attempting to shoot pool (which I am absolutely terrible at).

They also have a softball tournament and Jarrod and I got recruited to be on their softball team and we had so much fun! We played five (yes five) slow pitch games! I was so afraid I was going to get hurt but thankfully nobody did!
I hate to brag but I was so impressed with how well Jarrod and I did considering we haven't touched a ball or bat in a few years! And our team even won the championship!! It was so much fun!
Saturday night, they have a nice dinner and fun dj for everyone. So we got dressed up and enjoyed a fun night with some new friends!

I am so thankful we get to enjoy some fun grown up weekends but miss my babies when we are gone and notice myself talking about my girls all of the time! Luckily they had a good weekend being spoiled by aunts, grandparents, and cousins! We got lots of sweet pictures of the girls having a big time while we were away!

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