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Monday, August 25, 2014

Living With Less - Clothes

So I already posted about the Project 333 I am participating in.  Well I have a small confession... as I went to clean out Jarrod's closet he threw a fit about getting rid of all of his stuff so he got to keep most of it (including the 12 pairs of blue jeans he swears he wears).  And well the girls had a few things I just couldn't let myself part with but I am going to go back through and purge again to get it to match their lists because they seriously have waaay too many clothes.  But the most important thing is my closet.... It really only has 33 (not counting a few pieces of simple jewelry I usually always wear).  I created a "draft" of what it should be.. a.k.a. the ideal list on my last posts... then I started going through my closet and got it to about 45-50 pieces.  I thought okay good job but then I shamed myself for cheating and went back to the drawing board and really recreated my list to get it down to these 33 items:
1 - 5 -Black Pants, Dress Jeans, Black Skirt, Casual Jeans, Jeggings
6 - 7 - Crimson/tan Dress,  Blue Lace Dress
8-21 - Chambray Shirt, White sheer shirt, red flowy shirt, pink silk shirt, white blouse, lace tank, cream lace shirt, black long sleeve, black ruffle tank, gold embellished shirt, tan flowy shirt, grey/white striped tshirt, white button up
22- 26 - cream cardigan, blue cardigan, red cardigan, mint cardigan, jean jacket
27 - 32 - tan pumps, black heels, black sandal, taupe sandal, taupe boots, brown flats
33 - brown belt
A few other edits I had to make --
-- I completely forgot about my boots when I made my first list considering it was like 100 degrees that day so I had to go back and add them.
-- I really wanted a casual skirt but I never could find one I liked so I scratched that one.  If I ever come across one I love, I may just have to swap something out with it but just doing without for now.
-- I don't really like scarves or chunky jewlery so I haven't counted any of that... I may very rarely sneak in an extra necklace or scarf but I just don't feel like I wear them enough to even count!
-- I must confess that I did go out a buy a few new pieces but I promise I got some good deals on them!
-- I REALLY need a full length mirror so I can document my outfits when I wear them!
Okay soo... that's my closet and I am sticking to it!!!

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