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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Happy 60th Daddy!

Tonight we celebrated my Dad's 60th birthday and retirement with a huge party with tons of family and friends!  We had such great time celebrating our Babu!  Instead of gifts, we tried to collect 60 cards for Dad.  The girls each made one, Jarrod wrote one, and I wrote him one to!  In my card, I decided to include 60 things that I have learned from Daddy!

1 - Be honest.
2 - How to drive.
3 - How to open a bank account.
4 - Good grades are important.
5 - Run straight and keep turning left.
6 - The meaning of the word "err"
7 - How much fun you can have with a fart machine.
8 - The words to "I Saw the Light" and "Glory Hallelujah"
9 - The greatness of a tomato and mayo sandwich.
10 - How to put air in my tire.
11- You can't fix stupid.
12 - How to hit a softball where you want it to go.
13 - How to put peanuts in an RC Cola.
14 - How to encourage my kids.
15 - Who to call for insurance.
16 - Always pick a resting ball up with your hand.
17 - How to help my mother.
18 - You can be whatever you want to be.
19 - How to wrestle.
20 - The importance of keeping your word.
21 - "Sav" can fix anything.
22 - How to properly discipline.
23 - How to buy a house.
24 - How to hit a golf ball.
25 - Take your kids to church and set an example.
26 - Work hard!
27 - How to turn on a pool pump.
28 - Don't settle for something you don't really want.
29 - How to get along with my sister.
30 - Show your kids you love them.
31 - How to ride or become a bull.
32 - How funny the 3 stooges are.
33 - How to play basketball.
34 - Support your kids by being there for every event, game, play, project, etc.
35 - Some people don't want to be helped.
36 - You really only need three golf clubs.
37 - How to "stretch" a story.
38 - All about greyhound racing.
39 - How to read.
40 - Save your money!
41 - Nobody wants to hear you complain.
42 - Eat lots of veggies.
43 - You don't really need a golf cart.
44 - Sacrifice for others.
45 - How to build a fence.
46 - How to take care of a dog.
47 - You don't need a nice new car to get you where you need to go.
48 - Pay back your debts.
49 - Learn everything you can!
50 - Read a lot.
51 - Teach your kids early in their lives.
52 - Finish what you start.
53 - Dad's can fix anything.
54 - How to really help others by just doing the little things for them.
55 - A banana is better with peanut butter.
56 - Peanut M&M's are REALLY good!
57 - I can ALWAYS count on my daddy.
58 - Turn the air conditioner up or down instead of all the way off.
59 - The secrets of the funeral home.
60 - How to really love your family and children by showing them you care, helping them out any time they need it, going the "extra" mile for them, and teaching them everything they need to know about life, love, and everything that goes along with it!

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