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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Babies Babies Everywhere!

guess we are officially in that season of life where all of our friends are between the ages of 24-30 which for the majority of people raised in the South means the years where you have graduated college, married your soul mate, and have babies!  I have so many friends who have little ones or newborns or one on the way.  Honestly, I have constantly had at least a few friends who were pregant, are pregnant, are trying to get pregnant for the past two years! 


It is so fun and exciting sharing all the joys of pregnancy and new motherhood with my closest friends!  I love sharing been-there-done-thats of my parenting uh-ohs and victories with my friends and watching as they learn the ins and outs of parenting little ones to.  It is so much fun to share this season of life together.  There is nothing in this world like the feelings that come with seeing that first positive pregnancy test, waiting on your babies arrival, and finally getting to hold that sweet new baby in your arms and I still get just as excited for my friends as I did my own!  But as much as I enjoy sharing these times with my dear friends, it also makes me so sad to know that I will probably never get to experience those feelings myself again.  I am so happy and content with our sweet girls and our family of four but I believe every mother will always miss the joys of having a new baby.  It's like a little part of motherhood that you will always miss whether you have 1 child or 20!  And I am sure in 5 or 10 years from now, when my kids are in school and involved in all of their activities, I will look back on this time of raising little ones and ache for it the same way!  But each season with my children just gets better and better and I am so excited to share each one with my friends sharing stories, advice, fears, tears, smiles, and laughs!

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