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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Wellness Wednesday 05

Well I completely missed my Wellness Wednesday post last week.  We were out of town on a mission trip with our church and well it just didn't happen.  Hopefully, soon I will get all of my pictures and such together to share more about our trip.  I am seriously behind in the blogging world right now but we have some big things coming up that I am trying to get prepared for so this little spot tends to fall a little bit to the wayside.

But anyways, back to my wellness post for today.  Yesterday was the first day of a new month so to me, that always means a fresh start on my nutrition and fitness!  Not going to lie, we had some really great home made goodies and fresh cooked biscuits and gravy every day last week on our trip so I may have eaten all the food.  But we were super busy running around at day camp and climbing about 9000 stairs to our cabin so I did still get a good bit of exercise in.  I also stuck to my running plan and am glad to say that I have graduated to week four of my plan even though my running partners may have abandoned me.  I am really loving the plan and can see my consistency really starting to pay off as I am getting to longer runs each week.  I have been trying to go mostly at night when it cools off a little but so I may have to change my schedule up a little bit once we get back to school next week. My Shift Shop workouts have kind of fallen to the wayside though but I am looking forward to really getting back on those this week as well.  I really just need more hours in the day!

On Sunday, I cooked up some chicken and baked potatoes and fixed a big batch of salads and prepped them all in lunch containers for the week.  I boiled up several eggs as well and have been eating those with half and English muffin and a little sprinkle of cheese for breakfast. I found some really delicious low calorie protein bars that I have been snacking on with some fruit.  I get really really burned out on salads and green veggies but I am trying to get as much as those in as I can tolerate with my meals.   Today, I have a pork tenderloin cooking in the crockpot and I plan to steam some asparagus to go with it for tonight.

I am still in my Beachbody challenge group and loving the motivation and encouragement that comes from that.  I am really trying to commit to do a little better each week and am already seeing some big benefits from it all.  Technically this is where I should share my stats for the week but I have been lazy and haven't made any this week but I promise to get back to that next week!

I am trying to get prepped and all planned out this week so I can stay on track once the real world of school and activities begins again in just a few days!

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