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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

First Day of School 2017

We have officially kicked off another school year at our house!

Hadley was so excited to get to her first grade classroom.  She said she was a little nervous at first but as soon as we got to school, she hit the ground running.  She went right into her class, put her things away, and got to coloring.  She had picked some flowers to take to her teacher and was super happy to give them to her.  After a few hugs and embarrassing mom kisses, she bed us farewell and was ready to get started on her work.  She came home with a report on her teacher, her new friends, and informed me that the only thing she learned today was how to do carline. Maybe we will pick up the learning a little bit tomorrow.

Hunter Claire was a different story.  HC has talked for weeks about being in her new classroom with Mrs. Amy and all the great things she was looking forward to.  We dropped Brynlee off with her teacher and proceeded to HC’s class where she got scared and nervous and decided she did not want to go to school today. After a couple of minutes of bribing and prying her off of me, I left her in her teacher’s arms pouting.  However, I wasn’t five minutes down the road when Mrs. Amy texted me to let me know she was doing just fine and had a smile on her face.  Papa and Mimi picked her up today and let me know she said she had a good day at school and loved it.  

It was a successful first day back so we celebrated with a little ice cream and Chickfila tonight and still went to bed on time! Looking forward to a fun year ahead!

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