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Monday, August 7, 2017

Summer Happenings

Is summer really over? I feel like our summer has been so full between family gatherings and playdates and activities at church! I so love the long and lazy days of summer but I also kind of crave the normalcy and routines of the school year.  

We’ve been soaking up these last few weeks of summer by taking advantage of some late evening fun. We’ve visited Kreme Delite a few too many times and spend lots of evenings playing outside until dark and staying up late watching Descendents 2 (like 95 million times).

Hadley finally got to spend a little time with her Kindergarten bestie last week. They have both been so busy with traveling and camps and all this summer that they haven’t had a chance to get together but we picked her friend up and visited the Kiddie Carnival on it’s last weekend. They were so funny together and loooooved getting to be together outside of school. As usual, HC just ate and watched the girls ride the rides for the first hour or so before she decided to jump in on the fun herself. Have I mentioned how much we love the Kiddie Carnival? It is seriously the best little hometown tradition ever!

My cousin is getting married this fall so I took my grandmother and aunt to Kathleen’s dress shopping on Saturday. It was a lot of fun and I am really looking forward to all the fun wedding activities coming up in the next few months…. And my cousin Becca and I unintentionally matched! 

We celebrated another sweet little friend at a swim party on Saturday. Mallory and her family have been good friends with my family since before I was born and I love getting to share times with all of our babies together now. Little Reed turned one and we all enjoyed a fun day swimming. The girls discovered the slide and the diving board and spent the whole jumping in and out of the pool.  

Saturday night, we had my family’s annual Back to School Party. We have been doing this every single year since my mom started school. We had a fun time eating pizza and ice cream and stocking up on new school supplies. Hadley wrapped up one of her half way used notebooks and a glue stick for Gigi and was soooo excited to give it to her. 

We had a family friend pass away so the girls went home with MeeMee and Nancy Sunday afternoon while we went to the funeral and visited with family. They got to go to the kids party at their church, spent the night, and finished it all off with a trip to the movies.  

We had first grade orientation tonight and met Hadley's new teacher and friends and then celebrated Papa's birthday!

We plan to finally slow down and  spend a little extra time at home prepping for the start of school later this week. It has been such a fun summer and went by way too fast. I get so emotional thinking about it. My babies are just growing up so fast and I know this school year will fly by just like the last one did. We are looking forward to a fun year ahead and are excited about what all is in store for our family.   

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