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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

To my babies on the night before school...

Dear little ones,
We have had the best summer!  We've spent lots of time staying up late, playing games, watching movies, traveling, and doing lots of fun things together.  But it's time to head back to school again... another summer gone by.  Another new year begins.

Oh please slow down my little ones.  Just a little bit please.  You little girls are just growing up way too fast and I am just not ready for it all.  Our house is no longer filled with diaper bags and baby gear but in it's place sits big kid book bags and American Girl dolls.  How did we get here so fast? Didn't I just bring you home like yesterday?

Hadley you are going to the first grade.  You are a pro at school now.  You are so comfortable at your school and are such a teacher's pet (I've taught you well, you little mama's girl :))You are going to learn to read big books and write lots of words.  You are going to learn how to add big numbers and take real test.  You are going to love your teacher and make even more new friends.  I know you will do so great.  You are so studious and love to learn. You want to do so well and please your teachers so much and I can't wait to see what all is in store for you.

And Hunter Claire, my little baby... oh how it hurts me to think this is our last year of Little Tots.  You little Harrison girls have brightened those halls for four years in a row now and I am so sad that this is our last first day there.  Oh but my little baby, you are going to love this year so much.  You are going to just thrive in your class and I know you are going to learn so much (like how to finally write all 12 letters of that long double name your mean mama gave you).  You really have the very best teachers and they all love you as much as I do.  You are not going to have your wing man in your class with you this time so you are going to be forced out of your comfort zone a little and have to make some new friends and that makes me a little nervous for you. But I know you will do just fine.  You are such a fun little person and everyone loves you so.

Oh my little girls, why must you grow?  You are getting taller and stronger and more full of your own little personalities.  You both have such strong qualities that are showing more and more each day and I know those are going to grow and develop even more this year. Before we know it, I will be sitting here writing about what a fun year we have had and all the fun things that you've done at school. I pray you soak it all up and enjoy every minute.  I pray you let your little lights shine and that I help you be all that I know you can be.  I pray you do great things and that you are smart and confident.  But more than anything, I pray that you are kind and that you are pretty on the inside.  I pray that you are helpful and caring for others.  I pray that you love and are loved.  And I just really really pray that it all just slows down!

So now, I must go.  It's almost bedtime and we still have lots to do.  We have papers to sign, bags to pack, and clothes to be ironed.  We have baths to be had and special storybooks to read.  We have prayers to say and kisses to give.  And as you sleep, I have a few more tears to cry and lots more moments to just hold you tight and pray!

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  1. I hope you have a great school year! Enjoy these days, as you mentioned they just seem to go by so quickly. My baby boy started his SENIOR year on Tuesday and I just don't know how we got here so fast!!