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Saturday, August 19, 2017

Show Us Your Sales - Beachbody

I am super excited about sharing today's Show Us Your Sales with you. I met Andrea through a Beachbody group of a mutual friend and I have really loved all my groups I have been in with her. Andrea is super organized and motivated and one of the most disciplined people I have seen (she seriously wakes up and works out super early in the morning like every day). She is really great at what she does and I have had great success with her as a "coach" and I can't wait to share a little more about it with you all!

Tell me a little bit about yourself:  Hello!  My name is Andrea Martin!  I like so many women today wear a multitude of hats.  I am a wife to an amazing man, Mac Martin, who is the City Planner for Hoover, Alabama.  I am a mom to two sweet little ladies: Addie Marie (4) and Stella Kate (2).  I am a secondary teacher with certification in Social Sciences.  I have a passion for working with at-risk youth, they teach me about as much as I teach them and I am forever changed because of this calling that God has placed in my life.  In addition to being a teacher, I am also a Beachbody Coach and I love challenging myself with non-scale victories and goals by completing lots of different types of organized runs, races and obstacle course challenges for a good cause.  God has given me a heart for service, compassion and optimism. 

Tell me about what you sell/do:  I am a Beachbody Coach, and are here to help my customers become their best self through understanding the value of fitness, nutrition and organization.  At Beachbody, our company goal and my personal commitment is to end the trend of obesity through educating and empowering people to take control of their fitness and nutrition inside their own home!  We have a variety of products to help people reach their wellness goals like never before including: Shakeology (a daily dose of super food nutrition); Daily Sunshine (the only pediatrician approved nutritional drink for children); Beachbody on Demand ALL ACCESS (the Netflix of Fitness at your finger tips): Beachbody Performance Suppliments (enhancing your workouts and taking them to the next level) and more!  I run monthly Challenge Groups online that give participants the opportunity to learn how to get organized for success, meal plan, train physically like a champion and take better control of wellness from the command center of our lives: our homes! 

What are you favorite products/things about your business:  My favorite thing about this business is having the opportunity to pass on my success and teach people from my failures about the value of better wellness.  I have utilized Shakeology, Beachbody Performance Products and a variety of the workout programs to get into the best shape of my life (even at 31).  I am stronger, healthier, happier and more engaged than ever before because of the lessons learned while using these amazing products, the access to valuable professional and personal development and the community that has been created with challengers past and present!

How did you get into this business? Beachbody is a company whose purpose is creating opportunities for real life people to start the journey towards reaching a variety of health and wellness goals.  I have personally had some amazing results utilizing their fitness programs, and developed some awesome nutritional habits that have helped my body and brain back after two babies.  My most incredible transformation with using Beachbody nutrition (Shakeology and Performance Supplements) and fitness programming came when I was able to prevent Gestational Diabetes with my second pregnancy.  My doctor told me when I went for the results of my glucose test that whatever changes I had made in my lifestyle between my two pregnancies was something that I should never stop.  It was from that moment in my doctor's office that I knew Beachbody would be a part of my life for the long haul.  Since that point, I have drank Shakeology daily; completed many of our Fitness programs to gain my body back after two babies; utilized the portion control container system has helped me organize and plan meals that keep my whole family happy; and I have gained a confidence in my body that I didn't know was possible after college!

What’s the one thing you would want to tell someone about your business/product? I would tell them to enjoy the process and be excited to grow!  I have learned a great deal in my 3 years with Beachbody, but the greatest lesson has been the understanding that I am a work in progress.  Now this is probably the teacher in me, but the truth is that whether you are talking about nutrition, fitness, organization or the like, we should never stop learning.  In my journey with Beachbody, I have had ups and downs, successes and failures, but all can be counted as growth opportunities!

What’s the most rewarding thing you have found about being a rep for this product? I have had the pleasure of walking down the road less traveled with many of my challengers, and been able to see them through some of the greatest triumphs and challenges of their lives.  It is a completely vulnerable situation to tell someone that you want help losing weight, fighting diabetes, feeling more energy to play with their children, and gain more excitement for daily life.  I am humbled and honored to share in a journey that means so much to people!

Anything else you want to share?  I am currently looking for challengers and coaches to join my team!  If you are ready to reform your norm and create a more well life, then email me for more information about both opportunities!  You can do it and I would be honored to journey with you!  Be Bodacious!

Ya'll go check out Andrea at one of her links below. I promise you will be motivated and encouraged to be a better you!

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