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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Solar Eclipse 2017

Yesterday was definitely a one of a kind day.  I don't ever remember a time in my life where there has been some great "event" that was so full of hype and excitement but wasn't surrounded by controversy or conspiracy theories.  The Solar Eclipse that everyone in our country got to experience on some level was such a special event to us all!

I hadn't been paying much attention to all the hoopla over the last few weeks leading up to it and I may have even made a little fun of the people who had been searching all over and paying big money for eclipse glasses and planning for months to go travel to see it.  I need to take a moment and apologize about that though because I may have turned into one of "those people" yesterday after it all got started.

Some of my work friends threw a little eclipse party full of all the fun galactic treats we could think of... sundrop, moonpies, Eclipse gum, star crunch, and cute little cookies and cakes.  We gathered for a few minutes in the parking lot, munching on our treats, and listening to "Total Eclipse of the Heart" blaring from the stereo as we all acted like excited little children gazing through our special glasses.

Hadley got to enjoy some eclipse fun at school too.  They had an Eclipse Party with all the fun little treats too and gathered outside to watch through their glasses.  Their teachers did a great job making sure none of them burned their eyeballs and Hadley said she had a really fun day making eclipse books, astronaut masks, and  learning lots of cool new things about the sky.

HC watched it on TV with my aunt and grandmother and I was amazed at how much her little mind picked up on all the excitement of it too.  She told me when she laid down last night that she had a "fun eclipse day on the tv." She even commented that the moon made a shadow and I was pretty impressed she even knew that. (#momfail I didn't get a picture of HC on Eclipse Day).

Jarrod enjoyed viewing it at his work through some welding masks which I really hate I didn't get a picture of!  I would have loved to have seen them standing in the parking lot looking like a bunch of Darth Vaders staring at the sky.

It was a fun and memorable day and I am already looking forward to the next one in seven years!  I may even load up my family and take them to the path of totality for that one!

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