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Thursday, June 12, 2014

My Favorite Blogs

I love reading blogs.  I love reading about other people's lives and finding all of their little tips and tricks and bits of advice that I would've never known about! So I thought I would share a few of my favorites lately.
I have read Kelly's blog for years!  She is just a normal mom from Arkansas that has two little girls.  She posts about their every day life, spiritual posts, and my favorite thing she has are her weekly "Show Us Your Life" posts where bloggers can link up to "show" each other whatever topic she has planned for the week.  Her SUYL posts range from single friends and working moms to easy dinner recipes and favorite vacation spots.  Kelly has such a sweet personality and I love her love for God and her guidance on raising little girls!  I feel like we would be friends in "real life."
I first discovered Kate a few years ago on Pinterest where she posted her hair tutorials.  Her blog is mostly about beauty and fashion.  She is definitely my go to girl for hair and makeup advice.  She was a hair stylist but now is a stay at home mom with her new little boy.  I love to go to her blog for all  things beauty... if Kate says she likes it, I usually do to!
I actually just discovered this blog but have been stuck on it a lot lately.  Carolyn is 45 and has 5 kids and pregnant with her 6th!  However, her story is remarkable.  She has sturggled with infertility for years and gone through IVF and all that kind of stuff several times and then was inseminated with the wrong baby and gave birth to him and had to give him to his real parents.  She then had twins through a surrogate but now at 45 has discovered she is pregnant the good old fashioned way... with no fertility treatments or drugs!  She definitely has an interesting story and I just love following her pregnancy!
And of course my all time favorite that I just have to share...
She is my long time BFF and pretty much the coolest girl I know!  And I promise her posts will make you smile!

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