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Monday, June 30, 2014

Cleaning up the Playroom

I don't know what I would do without my playroom!  I have two very blessed little girls that have a ton of toys!  I try to somewhat keep my house in a little bit of order by keeping these toys in a specified room.  However, that room had gotten so out of control they had no idea what they had or where to find them!  So since I am in my declutter mood, I decided to take on the playroom!
First thing I did was buy new shelves!  I would love to have beautiful cedar floor to ceiling built in shelves but I'm on a budget plus that would be tough for someone who is only 26 inches tall to actually be able to get to anything she may need so I opted for the cube organizers from Lowes instead... Practicle and affordable! I spent a whopping $100 and got all these awesome shelves that I guilted my husband into picking up and putting together before I even got home!  I mean seriously doesn't that look so nice and organized... all toys in their rightful space... only play with toys from one cube at a time and put back before getting another... ha right I am just going to keep telling myself that is going to last!
I created a little "home" area with their doll furniture and kitchen things and tidied up the "boutique."  I still really need a couple of more cubes to help organize that area a bit but it's coming along.  Arts and crafts are neatly stored away in a drawer as well as Barbie clothes and the train sets.  All the "Little People" have their own box as well as Hadley's little princesses and Polly Pockets and the book case has been tidied up!  When I got done, Hadley kept finding toys and saying "Oh Wow where did you ever find this?"  Sad... I know!  And best of all during this whole process, I cleaned out a garbage bag of trash and a whole garbage bag plus some for the yard sale (that was a total flop but that's another story :-)!) And we even have room for new Birthday presents! Yah for decluttering!

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