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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Clear the Countertops

I get in these really big declutter moods sometime and tend to go a little overboard.  One of those times is now considering we are having a yard sale next week and I have a ton of junk to get rid of!  I don’t know about you but my bathroom counters and my dresser tend to become a collecting place for all types of things from old makeup to toy spoons.  I am not sure really how it gets there or where it comes from or why there are 5 Barbie shoes in the bathroom but I do know that it drives me crazy!  Our dresser in our room is the worst of them all.  It is where my husband empties his pockets and where I tend to collect all my little beauty samples I get along the way.  So I decided to fix that! 

       The bathroom counter!  We are lucky to have a very large double vanity sink in our hall bathroom.  However, that also means that there is more room to pile up junk we don’t use or need.  I love the idea of decorating with your bathroom items such as qtips and cotton balls so I revamped this counter with that in mind.  I already had these apothecary jars that I filled with q-tips and cotton balls and I found this stacked glass jar at Hobby Lobby on clearance for like $5!  I moved several of my things that had been strewn in the drawer to these little compartments so they are easy to get to.  In the large glass jar, I put my hair brushes that also had been tossed into another drawer.  This not only decluttered the drawers, but it also helped me to fill some empty counter space to add a little more decorating.  I stored my hair dryer and curling irons in the box in the cabinet and cleaned out my hair products that I don’t use anymore and moved my actual ones I use into the drawer that I cleaned out.  In the other drawer, I reorganized all of my headbands and clips with a little box.  I put all my baby products in a different box under the other cabinet and got rid of the diaper caddy I had it in. 

      My Dresser!  I put my makeup on in our bedroom most days.  Somehow my “makeup area” has become a collection of every piece of makeup I had ever owned and filled with tons of makeup bags and products that I rarely if ever used.  So I ventured to Hobby Lobby and bought this cute little storage box that looks like a book to hold my every day makeup.  I also got these cute little jars to put things such as my brushes in.  Doesn’t it look much better than a bunch of makeup bags and old Birchbox lids (yes I was seriously using those for my makeup storage)?  I also converted from he and she sides to one nice little basket to hold both of our everyday products such as deodorant and cologne.  Now, instead of having two junked his and hers sides, we now share one neatly organized space that is functional and pretty!
      The Kitchen Counter!  I am so embarrassed at what a bad job I had done with keeping a neat and tidy kitchen.  We always come in the garage door that enters straight into the kitchen so whatever is in our hand tends to end up on the kitchen counter.  It then is formed into little piles so I can pretend that I have it organized but still always ends up with a bunch of junk piles to be filed away later.  So I rearranged the layout of my counter space a little bit so I would be forced to use other parts of the counter.  It may just turn into new places for junk but hey, at least I tried right?  First I moved my mail organizer to the other side of the kitchen so I wouldn’t be as tempted to lay it all right when you walk in the door.  I moved my candy jars to where it had been so that the other side of my kitchen had plenty of room for cooking and prepping and the jars were now in place of where all of my junk previously collected.  So now, at least my junk has to go somewhere else!  And best of all, I moved my fruit bowl to the middle of the counter so when I am tempted for a snack, it is the first thing I see instead of venturing to the pantry for some sugar loaded processed moon pie!


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