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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

30 in 30 Wardrobe Challenge

I have been in a major wardrobe funk lately.  I just don't seem to like anything in my closet.  Loft was having a 40% everything sale a few days ago so I filled up my cart with a whole new wardrobe.  Then I decided that I was crazy and didn't really need $238 of new clothes considering I had a closet full and about 3 tubs of clothes in my garage to sell at the yard sale!  Sooooo I decided I would try a 30 in 30 challenge.  I had started trying it back in the winter and didn't really follow the rules so it was a huge flop!  Anyways, so this time I am going to do better.  It took a bit of thinking to really figure out what items to use but I decided on a some pretty neutral items with a few pops of colors and designs.  You are technically supposed to count shoes and jewelry as an item but I am just not that good yet so I have 30 pieces of clothing. Oh and one more piece I forgot to add... no buying new clothes at all during the next 30 days... I have to only work with what I have!  I moved all of my other clothes out of my closet and into the playroom closet so they are there if I decide I really just absolutely have to have them but I am definitely going to do my best to stick to my 30 pieces in my closet! Another bonus... my closet looks so neat and roomy now and I can actually see everything I have! I may even do this to Jarrod's closet and see if he even notices!
So here are some of the items that I chose....
Bottoms - dark jeans, black pencil skirt, black crops, MJ ruffle pants, black shorts chambray shorts, white shorts, animal print skirt, red pants
Tops - lacy tank, a few solid colored tanks, a few solid colored tees, a few "nice and dressy" tops, a couple of printed colorful tops, and a few cardigans.
Dresses - White dress, black dress, blue lace dress, green casual dress, black maxi, and a casual navy knit dress
I am not very creative at all when it comes to "fashion" but hoping I can get creative with this!  Most of the items are very neutral (white, black, denim) or some shade of blue or green, and then I have a few brighter colorful items to mix and match as well!  At least I shouldn't have as much laundry piled up right?

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