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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Brittany's Home

My friend Brittany moved to LA last year to teach but she came home for a visit this week so she had a little get together at her house for everyone. Brittany has been one of my very best friends growing up.  We spent many many many hours hanging out at Applebees and spending the night with each other, going to the drive in movie and ball games, laying out, and going on vacations! So many fun memories together! I always love getting to get together with Brittany and her family and catching up.... plus her mom always makes the best food!

Hadley pretty much thinks "her Mommy's friend named Brittany that lives in California" is pretty much the coolest person ever.. She even named her special doll after her.  I don't think she has any idea what California really is but she knows you have to fly to get there so it must be pretty cool. Maybe I can take her to visit in a few years! And hopefully I can go back and visit Brittany in Beverly Hills and live the California life for a few days again next year... I had the best time when I did last January! 

But before then, I am looking forward to hopefully getting together with my BFF again at the beach next week!

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