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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

5 Little Changes

For the last several months, I have really been focused on being healthier.  I gained a ton of weight with my first pregnancy and it took me about two years to get the weight off plus some.  I didn’t gain quite as much with my second pregnancy but it seemed tougher to get the weight off this time!  In the last 15 months, I have lost almost 30 pounds!  I still have a few pounds to go to get to my perfect goal weight and I am currently doing a Paleo based diet (I try not to eat grain or dairy) along with tracking Weight Watcher points.  I have always done pretty well with WW but I found that eliminating the grain and dairy helps me to stay within my points and helps with belly bloat!  So here are five little changes I have made over the last year that I believe have made a huge difference with my weight!

#1: Drink coffee.  If you don’t like just plain coffee, try a skinny vanilla or caramel latte from Starbucks! It's only 2 WW points and 100 calories for the tall.  It helps me to drink a few cups before and with my breakfast and it holds me over until lunch.  Plus you still get the caffeine like a Sundrop or Mt. Dew.  You can even get an extra shot of espresso and not add any points or if you think you need the next size, it is only one point more.  It is about $3. I usually just drink regular black coffee but I reward myself with one every once in a while if I have time to stop.

#2: Add a salad. I've been trying to add a salad to my lunch with Balsamic vinegar dressing or if I want to splurge for ranch, I get it on the sad and just dip my fork in it and then get a bite of the salad.  It is plenty of dressing without having to eat 6-10 points worth!  Leave off the cheese as well. You won’t even notice it is gone!  You can buy the bags of salad and divide it out into storage containers and have your lunch ready.  I usually dress my salads up with lots of extra fresh veggies and avocado.

#3:  I cannot resist Mexican but I found a healthier way to get my fix!  First of all, try to resist the chips and salsa but you just cannot work up the will power to say now, put 8 chips (about 2 WW points) on a napkin in front of you and put some type of obstacle between you and the rest of the chip basket.  You can load those few chips up with all the salsa you want for nothing!  Or even better, ask for pica de gala. It is free as well and gives you a bit more!  For my entree I get a taco salad with grilled chicken and no cheese, cheese sauce, or sour cream.  Instead load it up with pica de gala and guacamole.  Guacamole is about 2 WW points for a ¼ cup which is usually about what they serve on a salad and is very good for you. Another alternative is the fajitas but I just eat the meat and veggies with salsa and guacamole, not the tortillas and rice that comes with it. I know it might not sound as appetizing as a cheesy greasy burrito or fattening chicken and rice but it really satisfied my Mexican craving and kept me full!

#4: If you must get fast food, skip the fries!  I know that is an extremely difficult task to do but you can do it!  Most places offer a side salad now or a fruit cup.  If you just have to have fries, get a kids meal instead.  They have smaller portions!  Hold the cheese and mayo and you can save about 4 or 5 points!  Watch out for the yogurts at fast food places – they sound healthy but you might as well just enjoy the fries for about the same points!

#5: Replace your bread with lettuce wraps!  You can even buy romaine lettuce already cut up like slices of bread at the grocery story.  I usually add some guacamole or pesto with some turkey and tomato slices to make a healthy little sandwich!  I also love a cucumber and tomato sandwich with a tiny bit of olive oil mayo!

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