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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Makeup Fun

I have never been a girly girl but I do love playing with makeup and skin care products.  I was not blessed with beautiful blemish free skin so I pretty much always wear makeup.  I like a full coverage but I can't stand feeling like I have tons of layers caked on either.  I had been using Bare Minerals but it was costing too much and my face breaks out terribly when I am pregnant so I really needed something with more coverage.  I went to Ulta a few weeks ago and the guy talked me into buying PUR makeup.  It's good and all but does not give me near the coverage that I need.  However, the little flambouant makeup guy did introduce me to primer and concealer. It really does make a huge difference but overall the PUR makeup still was not really what I was looking for.  I had heard a lot of good things about Mary Kay lately so I wanted to give it a try. So I called up a girl I knew that sells it to have a Mary Kay party so I could try it out and get some guidance on what I needed. 

Tonight my mom, LL, and Melesa came over to have "facials."  We tried different cleansers, foundations, and other products.  I love trying out new things.  I always feel so fresh when I try a new product.  Especially a cleanser.  I just wish I could afford it all!  So I talked myself into just buying the basics.   I ordered the cleanser, moisturizer, foundation, and lipstick and of course the primer and concealer.  I hate to spend so much money on makeup but I consider it an investment and she gave me a good discount since I was the hostess!  There are definitely several other products I would love to try but I guess I better wait for Santa for those!  I wonder if the Santa that comes to my house knows how to call and order from a Mary Kay beauty consultant? 

Anyways, we have had a pretty slow week around here.  Besides my exciting purchase of a milk frother to doctor up my morning coffee, it has been a pretty normal week for us with work, school, and church.  I had a doctor appointment today to check up on little Hunter Claire.  Everything was just as it was supposed to be!  I am so thankful for a healthy pregnancy.  I hear of so many people that have so many problems or have sick babies and it definitely makes me super thankful for my healthy happy family!

We have a busy weekend planned.  Eli's basketball season starts tomorrow so we will have those games to fill up our schedule.  Saturday, Mom has planned a girl's day shopping trip for us all and I am sure we will celebrate Jarrod's birthday Saturday night as well.  So I am really hoping for a nap with Hadley tomorrow afternoon!

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