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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Playroom Organization

I am by far no means a neat and clean freak but I do like for things to be organized.  Well tonight I was playing with Hadley when I noticed what a mess her kitchen stuff in her playroom had gotten so I decided I would clean it up a little bit.  I keep all of her dishes and food in a basket by her little play kitchen but it had become more of a catch all basket and had all kinds of stuff thrown in it.  So I started taking everything out that wasn't kitchen things, then I thought well why I am doing this, I might as well organize her food.  So I got a bag and attempted to put all the vegetables in it, then I found a pail and put all of the utenils in it. I put all of the plates and cups in the little cabinet in her kitchen, put all the "dry goods" in the other cabinet, and the stuff that should go in the fridge, in there.  Yes I know this is a little much for a two year olds kitchen, but I just thought it would be a good idea and she could find her things to cook easier.  Well I obviously should have reminded myself before I spent the half hour organizing that she is two and this is her kitchen in her playroom because before I had time to put all her naked babies clothes back on, she had proceeded to dump pretty much every bit of her stuff into her little grocery buggy.  So I learned my lesson!  Some things are definitely out of my control and are not meant to always be organized... especially a toddler's kitchen!  I don't know how I will stay sane with two children running the playroom!  So anyways, since I just couldn't hardly stand her messing up my neatly organized kitchen anymore, I convinced her to play with blocks.  But that didn't last long, because she decided she needed to go to the grocery store and managed to dump all her food back in the floor! So much for a productive evening!
On another note, I made almost $40 at the consignment shop today and cooked a very good supper that consisted of pork chops in the crockpot, brown sugar green beans, and baked maccaroni and cheese!  Yum!!

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