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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Give Thanks

I have been seeing everyone's post on Facebook where they say something they are thankful for everyday during November.  And since I am 20 days behind, I figured I would just name a few things here.  I have soooo many things to be thankful for that it would be impossible to list them all but here is a shot at it.

1 - My Salvation:  I am so thankful that God saved us so we don't have to worry about things of this world and we can have hope for better things to come.  This world is just a temporary home that we are passing through and I am so thankful that I have that assurance that one day I will get to reunite with all of my loved ones in a place that He has prepared for us where there is no sadness or heartache.

2 - My Husband:  I am thankful to have a husband who truly loves me and cares about me and our family.  Yes he is a typical man and yes I gripe and complain that he does not always change the toilet paper but I would not trade him for the world!  I don't know how people make it through life without that person who you rely on and feel like takes care of you, that one person that you share all of your hopes and dreams with and is your partner throughout life's journey.

3 - My Girls:  Hadley is such a light in my life and I am so thankful for her!  She is such a blessing to us all!  I could not imagine life without her in it.  She is so funny and loving and brings a smile to my face everyday.  It amazes me at what a happy child she is and she spreads that happiness to everyone around!  I am also very thankful for my sweet baby girl growing inside me.  I am thankful for each little punch and kick because it assures me that she is healthy.  I am thankful that they will get to grow up with a sister and hope they are always best friends throughout life!

4- My Sister:  I am soo thankful that I have a sister.  And not just a sister, but a sister that truly is my best friend!  I hope my girls grow up to have the same relationship as LL and I. 

5 - My Parents:  I am thankful that I have a close relationship with my parents.  I am thankful for the way they raised me and the things they taught me growing up.  I am extremely thankful for their help with Hadley and that they are such wonderful grandparents to her.  She has no idea how much she is loved!

6 - My In-Laws:  I have been blessed with wonderful in-laws!  I always hear awful "in-law stories" and I am so thankful that I don't have to go through that.  Jarrod's parents have always treated me as if I was their own child and his sisters are some of my best friends!  I love that Jarrod enjoys spending time with his family and am thankful for the time that we get to share with them.  I have always truly felt like a part of his family.

7 - My Grandmothers:  I am thankful that I still have 2 healthy, happy grandmothers in my life.  I love talking to them and spending time with them.

8 - My Extended Family:  I am so very thankful for the close relationship I have with my extended family.  There are not many families in this world that get to see each other as much as we do, much less enjoy spending time together!  I am so thankful that I have aunts and uncles that live so close and are able to get together so often.

9 - Our Jobs - I am so thankful that Jarrod both have great jobs!  I am so thankful that we have stable jobs and a steady income so that we can provide for our family.  We don't have to worry about not having food to eat, clothes to wear, or a warm place to lay our heads at night.

There is no way I could ever be able to list everything I am thankful for and could go on and on about all of these I am sure I could go on forever about each one but it is bed time at the Harrison house tonight and 5:00 AM comes very early!  Good night!

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