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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Catching Up

I have absolutely loved not having to wake up to an alarm the last three days!  And Hadley has even slept until about 8:00 almost every day to.  I could definitely get used to it!  We have had a busy last few days.  I have loved getting to spend all day with Hadley.  I am so glad to have a job but I feel like I miss out on so much leaving her with someone else every day.  I am so thankful for Mrs. Sam but I would definitely love to get to spend that time with her instead.

Thursday consisted of Thanksgiving lunch at Karen's house.  We then came home to take a nap before heading to MeMe and Papa's house for dinner.  This little turkey was worn out!

After dinner, Amy and I decided to take on Walmart's Black Friday (that was actually on Thursday) sale.  It started at 8:00 but we didn't get there until around 8:15.  Little did we know that there would not be a singe parking spot available!  Luckily, I saw my friend Shea in the parking lot and followed her to get her parking spot.  Once we got in, Amy headed to stand in line for electronics while I went to find the Disney Princess Barbies!  I was pretty glad that I found all but Snow White.  And I even got everything else that was on my shopping list plus a few extra gifts I hadn't planned on.  I went and got Amy's other items she wanted while she stood in line and then I left her there to come home and go to bed!  We were all asleep by 9:30!  Friday after we got up and piddled around the house a bit, I convinced Jarrod to go to Belk with me to get some boots I have had my eye on and some leggings that were on sale.  We got there about 11 and they still had everything I wanted to so I was pretty excited.  I had seen these boots several weeks ago and really wanted them but refused to pay $90 for them so I super excited yesterday when I got the boots, some leggings, two pair of tights for Hadley, pajamas, and a wallet for Papa all for less than $100!
Yesterday afternoon, we went to Hatton to share Thanksgiving with the Harrison family.  Heather wanted some bedding at Belk so we headed back to the mall yet again on our way home.  Hadley wanted to go see Santa while we were there but he was out "feeding the reindeer" so we didn't get to see him.  But hopefully this means she will not have a come apart when we actually do get to see him!  Jarrod went to Birmingham to the Tanner football game so Hadley and I went to play at Babu and Gigi's for a while last night.  Of course, she had to play with her dollar store Minnie Mouse puzzle the whole time we were there.  Hadley also got her toe nails painted by her Daddy yesterday!  She wanted them painted and I was in the shower but when I got out, I walked in to this...


So today, we slept in and then got up and tried to catch up on laundry and cleaning up the billion dishes I had let pile up in the sink from all my Thanksgiving cooking.  I love cooking but I sure do hate doing the dishes!  While I did that, Jarrod helped Hadley put together her train track that she was soooo excited about.  Donna and Trevor had cleaned out a train track with lots of pieces and trains to go with it and brought them to Hadley.  When I showed them to her she said, "OOOOO a train! Can I please play with it?"  Once they got it built, she played with it for a good hour and a half or so before we decided to head to town for a bit. I told Jarrod that if he has to have all girls, at least one of them loves trains!

We went to town with Chelsey this afternoon and I got a few Christmas presents bought. Hadley loves to go shopping and to the grocery store.  After our little outing, we came home and got ready for the Iron Bowl game.  Some friends came over to watch and Gigi, Babu, and Nanu even joined us for a while when their power went out.  Alabama won big time so now on to the SEC championship next week!  We finished our day with watching a little bit of Little Einsteins before bed.  I have really enjoyed our Thanksgiving holiday!

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