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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Roll Tide Roll!

I love Saturday's when I have nowhere that I have to be.  I love getting up and staying in my pj's all day if I want to.  And yesterday was even better than this considering Hadley and Jarrod were both gone when I got up.  So I fixed me a bowl of cereal and sat on the couch and watched Lifetime!  I hardly ever get control of the TV at our house!  I worked on our scrapbook some more yesterday and got caught up through May.  Only 6 months behind now until I get caught up.  I am soooo thankful for Shutterfly.  It makes it so easy to upload my pictures and put them in a scrapbook.

Laura Leigh and I decided to go get pedicures yesterday afternoon.  I hadn't had one in forever so it was very much needed!  While we did that, Jarrod took Hadley on a father/daughter date to Taco Bell.  I was very impressed with him by doing this.  I suspect their will be many more Taco Bell Dates in their future considering they both love it!  So the rest of our day consisted of playing around the house, on our swing set, watching "Wittle Seinsteins," and taking naps!
Hadley's new way she has discovered to ride her 4-wheeler!

Last night we were going to stay home and be lazy.  A few friends came over to watch the Bama game.  I had planned to keep Hadley up a little late since the time change was last night and I didn't want her waking up at the crack of dawn today.  But our lazy night turned in to a VERY exciting football game!  It was pretty much the most exciting game I have ever watched.  Bama was down with a minute and a half to go and they scored to go ahead with only as few seconds left in the game!  Hadley was so funny watching everyone jumping around and cheering.  She definitely thinks her daddy is a crazy man now!  She must have been excited about the win to because as soon as it was over, we went to bed and she would not go to sleep! I'm not sure what time she finally went to sleep but it was after I did.  But considering she is still asleep this morning, I guess it is okay.

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