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Monday, November 5, 2012

Yes I saved $79 at Publix today!

Just have to share this picture of all the men and Hadley Sunday afternoon at Papa and Meme's house.  Bless their hearts, they were obviously worn out from that extra hour of sleep they got!
Anyways, I have to brag on my shopping trip today.  I haven't been to Publix in awhile just because I have been lazy and hadn't felt like messing with my coupons or studying their ad.  But yesterday I finally took about an hour and got all my coupons clipped and organized for a Publix shopping trip.  And it paid off... I saved $79.43 on my groceries! And to make it even better, I only bought stuff that I needed and didn't even "stockpile."  It was all spent on what I would have normally bought at the grocery today without any coupons or anything.  So maybe I will be motivated a little more now to keep up with my coupons.  My problem with couponing usually is that I buy stuff that I really don't need just because I have a coupon or I buy 3 of something because that is what the coupon says I must do to save $1 which always makes me end up spending way more than I need to.  I am trying a new budget this month so saving that extra $79 really helps!  I only paid $8 for a big box of Pampers with the sale and my coupons.  I may go back tomorrow and get another one!
I found a really good recipe I tried tonight for supper! It's from Pillsbury and was very good!  Not sure it was too healthy, but Jarrod and Hadley both approved of it!  It was pretty much hotdogs, stuffed with cheese, and wrapped in cresent rolls!  Yum!! 

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