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Thursday, March 2, 2017

Disney World Part 1

We just go back from Disney World and it was just as great and magical (and tiring) as ever! Several months ago, Jarrod and I signed up to run the Disney Princess Half Marathon and my aunt lined up her softball teams trip with it so they could come as well.  My sister and niece also joined us. And since I have soooo many fun things to share about it, I figured I would break up my posts over the next few days... so just bare with me for a bit.

We flew out of Birmingham (it's much cheaper than Huntsville) and arrived in Orlando on Friday afternoon.  We took the magic express to the All Star Movie resort where we met up with my aunt and her team.  We dropped off our stuff and headed to the bus stop as quick as we could.

Jarrod and I had to go to the race expo (that's coming up in another post) to pick up all our race stuff and the girls headed to Magic Kingdom with everyone else.  They quickly grabbed a Mickey popsicle, watched the Street Party, and headed over to the Under the Sea ride to use our first fastpass.

We couldn't take the bus directly from the expo to the parks so we hopped on a bus to the Contemporary Resort instead.  It took us FOREVER to get there, but we finally made it to Magic Kingdom right at dark where we met the others at Fairytale Hall to meet Cinderella and Elana and use another fastpass.

After that, we had a few minutes to pass before our next FP so we hopped on the "horsey ride."  You can't tell it by the pictures, but HC said the Prince Charming Regal Carrousel was one of her favorites.

We then hopped over to the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and let the little experience their first ever roller coaster.  They all loved it but I believe were a bit terrified after that first little hill.  (Can we pause a minute to talk about how much I love ride pictures!)

After that, we found a spot to park and grab a snack and watch fireworks.  They were all so excited that Tinker Bell flew right over our heads!

After fireworks, we headed back to the room which took FOREVER.  I am not sure what happened but the congestion out of the park was absolutely horrible and it took us a good 45 minutes plus just to make it to the bus back to the resort. 

Our bags had been delivered to our room by then, so we unpacked and got ready for the next day all before quickly crashing in our beds!  18,533 steps according to my FitBit!

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