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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Disney World Part 6 - Animal Kingdom

It was almost dark by time we headed to Animal Kingdom and it was probably my favorite trip to AK we have had so far.

We had a few minutes before our Primevil Whirl fastpass so we headed over to Dinoland to play and ride the TricerTop Spin.

When it was time for our FP though, HC was devistated she wasn't tall enough to ride to she went back and took a few more spins on the Triceratops while Hadley and I got in line.  We used a rider swap and LL and Hadley went back on right after we got off.

The lady working the ride gave us some Fastpasses to use on any ride we wanted so we trucked it across the park to the Kilimanjaro Safari for a night time safari.  We were a little disappointed we didn't make it before the sun went down but it was seriously the best safari we have had yet.  Apparently it was feeding time and almost all of the animals were out where you could easily see them... even the lions!  I highly recommend the night time safari if you can!

By time we got off the safari, it was time for the new River of Lights Show so almost everyone in the park was watching that.  LL took the girls to get popcorn and sit down to watch that while Jarrod and I headed over to Expedition Everest considering it had no wait at all.  It's my favorite roller coaster and I really loved that when you got to the top, you could see the firework show over at Magic Kingdom so we rode it in the dark....twice.

When we got off, we headed back to meet the others and hurried out of the park to beat the crowd out.  It had been a very long day and we were more than ready for our beads!

Fitbit step count for the day... 49,545.

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