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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Happy 4th Birthday Hunter Claire

To my Hunter Claire on your 4th birthday...

How in world are you four years old my little baby?  You have grown and changed so much this year! You are truly a little girl now.  This year, you started preschool, learned to ride your big girl bike, and finally finally finally decided to use the potty!

You still love everything Wonder Woman but you have also added unicorns and Alice in Wonderland to your list of favorites.  You love to eat.  You really love macaroni and cheese, poptarts, "hot chips" and yogurt and get super excited to go to Taco Bell and McDonalds.  You love playing dress up and your wigs are your most favorite accessory for sure.  You love to play pretend with your dolls and you sing ALL THE TIME.

You always have some type of little medley going on when you are doing something. You know all the words to pretty much every song you've ever heard.  I am always seriously amazed at how quickly you pick up the words to songs.  I will hear you singing a new song and be like how in the world do you already know those words?

You are one tough little booger.  You cannot be persuaded to ever do anything you don't want to. There is no coaxing or bribing you no matter what we say or do.  I could offer you a million M&Ms and every toy at the store and you still won't budge.  I am kind of hoping you stay like that as you get older.  You definitely are not one to follow the crowd.

You love your sister more than anyone in this world.  You are always hugging her and praying for her.  You always say you miss her when she is at school.  You are both so different in so many ways but you play together really well most of the time.  You really love to play "mommy and sister going to town" or "baby in my tummy" together and you are both always coming up with little performances and shows to do together.

You love to dance and perform but not in front of an audience.  You shake our little booty and prance around as long as nobody is watching.  You always refuse to get on stage and hate being in the spotlight.

You are so smart and learning so much every day.  I get so tickled when you use big words.  You always talk about being "respectable" and I love it when you say "I'm thiiinnking..." when I ask you a simple question.

You are independent and such a leader.  You definitely dance to the beat of your own drum and could care less what anyone else says or does.  You make friends with everyone and you are always so fun to be around.  You are the most fun kid there ever was. You are such a free spirit and your little personality always shines.

You are so creative and have such a fun imagination. You are beautiful and kind and I love so much to watch you grow and blossom even more each and every day.  You bring so much joy to our family and to everyone whose path you cross.

Happy big girl unicorn birthday to you my sweet sweet baby girl!

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