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Friday, January 30, 2015

Good Ole PB and Banana

I can be pretty routine when it comes to my lunches.  I've tried the whole weekly meal prep thing before and although it sounds all glorious, it's just not for me.  Plus I get bored on the same foods all the time so I usually change mine up every day. 

I try to go to the gym or run my errands on my lunch break so I almost always bring my lunch to work.  Jarrod and the girls always take their lunches as well so it is easier for to pretty much fix everyone the same and do it all together when I pack bags each night.  I usually take leftovers or some type of sandwich or salad for my lunch.  I try to keep it low point/low calorie too since my mind is set on the fact that I always have to have an afternoon snack as well.  I pretty much just divide my lunch into 2 meals.  Like I've said before, I am in no way a nutritionist or health expert so there is no science or weight loss scheme behind the way I meal plan but it is what works best for me! 

One of my go-to lunches for everyone in my house is a good ole peanut butter and banana sandwich!  I don't know what makes this so good but everyone in house absolutely loves it!  The first time I ever gave Hadley one, she just kept saying "Mama this is so good.  This is sooooo good!"  I keep a jar of Kirkland Organic peanut butter at my desk (I guess I just revealed one of my dirty little secrets huh?) so I just mix a tablespoon of PB with a banana and a top it on a few slices of Aldi brand Fit and Active bread that I toast.  I like to add raisins to mine too and serve it open faced so that it lasts longer! It fills me up and is only about 5 WW Points!  Sometimes I used PB2 to save a few points but it is not near as good!  Or I might add some fruit or chips (there are tons of low point options)  to go with it but I usually save those for my afternoon snack. 

 Serious LOVE!

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