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Friday, January 23, 2015

Coffee Bar

I love the new trend of having a coffee bar in your house!  Considering that coffee is a pretty important staple in the my house, I couldn't help but consider it for myself.  I kinda stole the idea from my cousin Becca who has an adorable little set up in her apartment with all of her coffee essentials.  I had to do a little rearranging and decluttering in my kitchen - which needed done so badly anyways- to get it all to fit just right but I was pleased with the outcome (especially considering interior design didn't quite make the cut when God was choosing my talents for me).


Jarrod installed some little metal hooks we got from Lowes into the bottom of the cabinets and I used some old cookie jars I got from Old Time Pottery years ago to store the coffee and filters.  Jarrod likes his coffee from the Keurig cups but I prefer to make an old fashioned pot of coffee since I usually have 2-3 cups in the morning so we have both.  I am still looking for a cute little sign or frame to add to it but I haven't found just what I am looking for yet.  Guess I will just have to make myself visit the new Hobby Lobby to see what I can find!      

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