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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Wednesday is Ballet Day

When I was little, I had a book called Saturday is Ballet Day.  It was one of my favorites about a little blonde hair girl that went to ballet class on Saturdays and made a new little friend. 

Well, at our house, Wednesday is ballet day!  It consists of me rushing home from work to meet my little dancer at the studio (thanks to a wonderful Gigi who gets her dressed and ready each week).  While she is in class, I get to sit on my tail and chit chat, read, or whatever else I want to do during my 45 minutes of somewhat me time.  Then, after class, we hurry home and throw some supper together (or if I have planned ahead a little, a nice crockpot meal is waiting on us) before dad has to be at church for praise band practice.

This is the 2nd year she has taken dance and I am actually pretty impressed with how well she does!  I can't wait for HC to be big enough to take to -- she looooves to dance so much so I am sure she will jump right in!  Plus, if I time it right, I may even get a little more "mom time" each week :)

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