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Monday, January 12, 2015

I am a Working Mom

I am a working mom.
I wake up at 4:30 each day, shower, make coffee, and fix breakfast.
I iron my clothes, style my hair, and apply my makeup with my baby on my hip.
I kiss my babies goodbye, fill up with gas, and drive half an hour to my other job.
I am a working mom.
I work at my desk for hours, pay my bills and schedule appointments during my breaks, and try to visit the gym at lunch.
I head for home, stop by the store and the bank and cleaners, pick up my babies and pile all our stuff into my compact fuel efficient car.
I am a working mom.
I cook supper, try to sneak in a few veggies, and explain why they can't just have cookies for supper.
I wash the dishes, start the laundry, and sweep the floors.
I am a working mom.
I give baths, dry hair, change diapers, and brush little teeth.
I read some bedtime stories, rock the baby, say our prayers, and cuddle my little girl.
I am a working mom.
I fold the laundry, pick up the toys, and pack bags and lunch boxes..
I wash my face, brush my teeth, and try to sneak a little bit of bad reality TV.
I am a working mom.
I kiss my husband, read my Bible, say my prayers, and go to sleep.
I am a working mom.
I support my family and provide for my kids.
I build spreadsheets and I build castles.
I make budgets and I make Barbies come to life.
I attend meetings and I attend tea parties.
I am the coolest and most beautiful person in the world to two of the most amazing little people.
I am tired.  I am stretched. I am loved.
I am smart.  I am successful.  I am so extremely blessed.
I am a wife.  I am a coworker.  I am a friend
I am a working mom.

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