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Friday, November 27, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

So I have gotten horrible about taking pictures lately! I've never enjoyed taking them and it's just such a struggle with my two that I've gotten to where I just don't take them much so please forgive me for not having loads of pictures to share! Most of these were stolen from others..


I started the day off scratching the first four miles off my 100 mile challenge and then came home to cook with my little "cooker" a bit before heading to my aunts house for lunch with my family.

After that, we headed to Jarrod's parents house for dinner with his moms side of the family. We also got to celebrate Mimi's birthday as well!

Seriously you see why I don't do many pictures... This is how they always turn out!

While the rest of the world spent over $59 billion, we snoozed away in our nice warm beds! I got up and crossed a few more miles off my challenge while the other slept in super late (well way past 8:00 which is super late at our house). Haha someone shared this and I just loved it! I just do not like Black Friday at all especially since they've pushed it all into Thursday evening but that's another complaint for another day...

We then, got pretty much all of our Christmas decorations up around the house and then headed to Hatton for Thanksgiving dinner with Jarrods dads side of the family.

It's been a busy few days but we have all really enjoyed spending time with our families and eating lots of really great food!

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