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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Happy Birthday Jarrod!

Yesterday was Jarrod's 28th birthday! 
I've been slacking this year so he doesn't get the usual elaborate birthday video. 

We celebrated by having a little family outing to Outback so he could get a good birthday steak.  

When we got there, it was super windy so we grabbed the girls out of the car and ran in quickly. As soon as we sat down, I realized HC didn't have on any shoes! I was so embarrassed being that mom who takes my child in public with no shoes. Luckily, dad ran out to the car and grabbed them for us. 

After dinner, we headed to "daddy's store" aka Academy to do a little browsing before heading home. I love spending time with my friends and family but I really love these little family outings when it's just us four. 

Too bad I only managed to take like two pictures... Oops! We are so thankful for the man of our house! He works hard to take care of us and pitch in. He loves his girls and I am so proud how he sets a great example by being involved in church! 

On another note... My friend Magen also had her baby yesterday! I'm so glad little Thomas and Jarrod can share the same birthday! Mason was so excited to meet his little brother!

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