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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The best little Christmas field trip...

Hadley went on the best field trip with her preschool today! There is a little Christmas tree farm in town that I've never been to so I was excited to get to go check it out. 

They took the kids on a sleigh ride through the trees and told them all about how they grow them. 

Then they got have a pony ride and sip hot chocolate around the fire.

After that we went to a local nursing home to hand out Christmas cards and sing songs. It touched my heart so much to see how something so small could bring such a smile to someone's face. Not gonna lie, I had big tears in my eyes as I watched this. It was such a blessing not only to the residents but to all of us.

We all had such a special time! I'm so thankful for Hadley's teachers at Little Tots! Such a special group of teachers and kids!

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