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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

Thanksgiving may be my favorite Holiday! You get all the good food and family time without the hassle of gifts or the busyness. You just cook and show up and eat! Or at least that's what we do!

I enjoy cooking and trying new recipes. I leave the turkey and dressing to the rest of the family and like to venture out a little on what I take. This year that involves pineapple casserole, butternut squash and apple bake, banana pudding, and butterfinger bites! My kitchen has been a total mess but smells delicious!

We also went to Jarrod's parents today to help them get ready for dinner at their house tomorrow. We made some pecan pies and some other fun and yummy things I can't wait to try tomorrow!

I'm also starting a running challenge tomorrow where I am attempting to run 100 miles between Thanksgiving and New Years which is definitely going to be quite a challenge to me! I've made my plan and am looking forward to getting a little creative with getting some extra miles in! 

Between all the Thanksgiving gatherings, the Iron Bowl, and finishing up my Christmas decorating, this is going to be a busy fun-filled holiday break!

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