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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

To my besties...

Over the years, I have learned just how very important it is to have really good girl friends.  Friends that you can share with and vent with;  Others that are going through the same season of life as you that you can lean on and turn to for advice and relief.  We share tears of joy, tears of loss, tears of sorrow, and tears from laughing so hard!  We chat.  We plan.  We play.  We pray.  

I cannot even begin to express how much my "besties" mean to me.  They are my sounding board and my voice of reason.  They don't judge me or put me down.  They are all so completely honest and caring and loving.  Some have been around forever and some are new but they all mean the world to me. 

So to my dear sweet bestie, I just want to say thank you!  You have no idea how special your friendship is to me!

Oh and by the way, I want to apologize for skipping Testimony Tuesday yesterday. I will try and get back on track next week...

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