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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Fun Day

Last night, our families all went to Elkmont's football game to watch Eli. My mom loves little high school football! She even planned for us a "tailgate" at my aunts house before the ball game! We had a lot of fun even if they did get beat! I'm so proud of Eli and love watching him play! Not sure what we will do after he graduates this year (tear tear).

Jarrod had a golf tournament with the men at church today so the girls and I had us a little girls day!  I have been hearing lots of good things about some places in Rogersville so we ventured over there to find Hadley some new shoes. I swear her foot grows a size bigger each week... Poor girl is going to have boats like her mama.

I love Pam's Shoe Store! They have so many great shoes at great prices and the ladies there are super nice and helpful! Plus they have a little play area the girls could enjoy while I shopped. I have a new found love for Livie & Luca shoes for the girls! They are just so stinking cute and really great quality and they go with EVERYTHING! So we got some new ones and some Keds and now we are all set for fall!

We browsed around downtown a bit and then had a lunch treat at McDonalds! 

On our way home, we ran into the Trail of Tears motorcycle riders so we pulled over and watched. They come through every year and I am pretty sure I have never even watched them so it was fun for us all to see the hundreds of different motorcycles come through. Surprisingly, the girls really loved it!

After that, we had to go get Hadley a new doll house she's had her eye on. She sold some of her toys and clothes she didn't like anymore and bought it. I am really trying to teach her about money and saving and that we don't always get everything we want because it costs money but that girl loooooves stuff so much and we are really having a hard time with that one! Sweet girl has at least 10 "allectiions" (collections) of all kinds of things!

So now the girls are napping while Jarrod tries to get his TV mounted and ready to go before the Bama/Ole Miss game tonight! Too bad it doesn't start until 8! Hoping I can stay awake through it! 

Happy Saturday and Roll Tide!!

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