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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Color Run 2015

We had so much participating in the Color Run today! Our friends Ashley and Kate joined us bright and early this morning to head over to Huntsville for the run. The girls were soooo excited and loved dancing around before the race! 

About a whopping two minutes in, the girls got tangled up and face planted on the concrete. Both came up bleeding and screaming like they had been ran over by a car. After a few band aids from a nice spectator sitting on her front porch, we were back at it! I was extremely glad I had decided to take the stroller at this point. 

They all did so good the rest of the race and I got a major work out pushing 100 pounds or so around for most of the run but it was so fun and we all had a blast. The girls were soooo excited to get their own medals and glitter powder at the end!

It probably wasn't my best race time but was by far the most fun race I've run! Hadley says she is already ready for the next one and I love having a little running partner!

We celebrated with some Chickfila chicken minis and chocolate milkshakes when we finished because I mean what's better than that after running around an getting covered with colored powder all morning?

Can't wait to do it again next year!!

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