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Friday, February 27, 2015

What I Read- Pastors' Wives

My friend loaned me Pastor Wives by  Lisa Takeuchi Cullen to read. 

She thought being a typical southern Baptist lady, that I would enjoy it.  And I did!  It was just a light and fun story that focuses on three pastors' wives at a megachurch in Georgia.  Each lady comes from very different backgrounds and struggle with their role they have been given when their husbands decided to join the ministry.  In the book, each lady faces real life trials and have to overcome the demands and stress they face. Candace, the head pastor's wife and former preacher's daughter, is a strong little woman with a lot of power and poise.  Her daughter-in-law, Ginger, is a young mother of two little ones with an interesting past.  The other lady, Ruthie, is a Catholic raised lady who has just been thrown into the role as a pastor's wife when her husband decides to join the ministry and she quickly becomes friends with both Ginger and Candace but has trouble finding her place while fighting the doubts she is facing with her own faith.  It was a pretty good story with some humor, suspense, and romance.  A good little read for the good ole southern church girl!     

You can check it out for yourself here!

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