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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Messed Up Chicken, Pancakes, and Markers

I had a little get together the other night and was going to make a dip but I totally messed it up so I hid it away in the fridge because I am too cheap to throw it out.  The dip was supposed to be a can of pinto beans, a can of drained niblet corn, and a half jar of salsa.  But I accidently bought creamed corn and forgot to drain it so after I poured it in the bowl with the salsa and beans it resembled something along the lines of baby poop.

But last night I needed something quick and easy to fix for dinner so I got this great idea to pour my disgusting looking dip on top of some thinly sliced chicken breasts and bake it all together in the oven.  I topped it with a little shredded cheese and OH MY WORD it was sooooo good!!!!  I baked it all in a baking dish on 425 for about 20 minutes and it was a huge success!  Definitely will fix this messed up chicken again soon! (Sorry forgot to take a picture... but it wasn't very pretty anyways).

And since today is another snow day at home, I got up and made some super good chocolate chip banana pancakes!  I love this pancake mix that you just mix with water and voila- healthier pancakes! I mixed in a couple of bananas and a few chocolate chips and topped with some fat free cool whip! Sooo good!!

And on another note... my children have decided to write on anything and everything... clothes, walls, toys, skin, furniture.  It is driving me nuts! I try to hide the markers and crayons in the house but they seem to find one lone little marker every single time I think I have them all stashed away.  However, I found a pin on Pinterest that said to mix baking soda with water and it would get it out.  I had to scrub a pretty good bit and it made my hands turn to sandpaper but I did somewhat cure Cailou's new makeover and erase Hadley's DIY wall monogram with it.
Today we are having a lazy play day inside waiting on the snow.  Hadley has had on her bathing suit all day long!  Hurry up summer!!

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