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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Do you want to build a snowman?

Very rarely do we get this much snow in Alabama!  But when we do, the world pretty much shuts down so we all get to stay home and play!  The girls were so excited that the snow  was still here this morning when they woke up and couldn't wait to get out and play.  After about 20 minutes of wrestling on about 95 layers of clothes, we finally made it out to the 7.5 inches of snow!

Hadley jumped right in!
 But Hunter Claire wasn't so sure about it.  She kept saying "I'm tuck! I'm tuck!"
 But then she figured out she could eat it and all was good!
Dad helped us build a snowman.  He may have gotten a little carried away on the base!
 And we impressively propped the camera on the mailbox to get a family selfie!  Surprisingly, there was NO ONE around! 

Isabelle had to put on her ice skates and check it out... in her mini skirt of course!

And no snow day is complete without a snow angel!

Big Sis had to help HC walk through the snow so she didn't get "tuck" again! 
Dad rigged them up this awesome garbage can lid sled and dog leash since I am not wasting my money on a sled for one day a year!
 And we toppled over... oops! I promised they laughed though!

I just love our house in the snow!  As much as I hate the cold and wet, I really love how beautiful it makes everything!
Okay so now we have had our snow day fun for the year so please hurry up spring!!

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